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Monthly Blogs: June 2022

Financial Planning Issues for New Parents

Having a financial plan in place for your child is essential. It’s important to understand the potential issues that could arise during that process. What is it? As you prepare for life with your new child, it's time to prepare a new financial plan for your family or make any necessary changes to your existing

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Understanding Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are here to stay. They handle digital funds, credit cards, gift cards and more. Learn how to capitalize on this technology for your daily life. What They Are Digital wallets live on many mobile devices. They allow you to make purchases, store financial information, manage gift cards, and track your payment history. 

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Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Prime Membership

Harness the power of your Amazon Prime Membership with these helpful tips. Find out more about Prime Wardrobe, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Smile and more. More than 200 million people subscribe to Amazon Prime worldwide which means a lot of people think it is worth the cost - $14.99 per month plus taxes or $139 per

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ABLE Accounts – What to Know

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014 provides much needed assistance for Americans with disabilities to design a financial plan to alleviate potential stress if they’re unable to perform their jobs. Millions of Americans with disabilities depend on a wide variety of public benefits for income, health care, food, and housing.

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Financial Planning Through the Generations

Each generation – Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers – are at different moments in their lives that require their own age-specific financial goals and stress points. Learn where your financial focus should be today. 

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