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Monthly Blogs: January 2022

Retirement Plan Limits on the Rise in 2022

Many IRA and retirement plan limits are indexed for inflation each year. Although the amount you can contribute to IRAs remains the same in 2022, other key numbers will increase, including how much you can contribute to a work-based retirement plan and the phaseout thresholds for IRA deductibility and Roth contributions


Millennials Meet Inflation

How millennials will react to inflation, and how vulnerable they are is an open question. What steps can and should they take to prepare?


New Years Resolutions to Create Financially Confident Kids (and Less Stressed Aduts)

Many adults rank their finances as their number one source of stress. A major contributor is the lack of financial literacy programs, particularly when they were younger adults and children. You can take matters into your own hands.


Life Insurance for the Self-Employed

If you’re like most people, you bought life insurance to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death. But because you’re self-employed, you may have an even greater need for life insurance: You’ll want to protect your family after you die, as well as protect the financial needs of your business.


Ways to Beat Back Rising Energy Costs This Winter

With retail prices for energy at or near multiyear highs in the US, here are twelve tips to help you save on your energy costs this winter.